Everyone knows some who has runaway from home at one point in their life. For those who have been runaways in the past, present and future, I hope these songs will remind you that people in this world love you. You don't have to runaway from your problems. You have to face the problems head-on. This is easy to say, but hard to put into practice. When you have runaway from home there is a reason. The main thing I want you all to know is that you are not alone. The world may seem cold at times, but that just makes the warm days or appreciable. If I could take away your pain I would, but only God could. Still, I know what it's like to feel like no one loves you. Even during the heavy storms, you must realize that somewhere out in the world, someone does love you and wants you to come home. Aside from our Father in Heaven, there are many people here on earth who love you. One thing I learned as a runaway is that if I want to love others, and if I want people to love me, then first I must learn to love myself. God Bless.
This compilation is the result of a lot of hard work from Executive Producer Dublin Beats, who handles all of the engineering, helps with the creative process, and adds original live music. Dublin Beats also created the music for two of the tracks for this project.
"Moment of Weakness" was created and produced by D&D, and recorded by Sammy Fielding at Robot Envy Studio in Berkeley, Ca.

Tracks 1-7 are produced by Dublin Beats


released August 11, 2013



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